Safety, Health & Environmental Management

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As a team, we recognize the importance of planning SHE into the Project Life Cycle at the earliest possible stage if injuries and ill health arising from the construction are to be avoided.

All our employees working on any Project site are important. They are important to us as a Company and to their families. Every individual has the right to a Safe and Healthy working place and the right to return from work every day healthy and without injury.

This is the common goal to which our Company is committed and believes that it can be achieved by a dedicated, joint effort by all involved.  As an Employer, we undertake to provide a safe working environment and appropriate tools. 

Environmentally, we aim to:

  • Conserve energy;
  • Reduce emissions, effluents and waste relative to the electricity generated;
  • Promote the sustainable use of renewable resources;
  • Utilize finite resources efficiently;
  • Promote the use of environmentally acceptable materials, products and services;
  • Research ways to reduce environmental degradation;
  • Measure and manage the environmental impact of our activities.